Welcome! I'm Holland Van Gores. Originally a photographer from Los Angeles, now a traveler trying to bring the dream of digital nomadism to fruition...

My creativity blossomed when I first picked up a camera as a teenager, and now at the age of 27 I have enjoyed exploring many mediums like photography (including alternative and analog photography), cinematography, graphic design, illustration, sculpture and painting.
I take a lot of inspiration from my own personal quests and interests in life and experimentation is paramount for me.
I try to make my personal work as interpretive as possible, and at the same time I want to invite observers to ask questions, make stories in their heads, or imagine themselves in another reality...

I'm available for photoshoots, touring, freelance and/or promotional work. Quality prints and original artworks are also available for purchase.*

* for select works only 

Thanks for tagging along on my artistic journey through life.

Los Angeles, CA
Istanbul, Turkey

Whatsapp: +13104893956 
Telegram: +905457838422